V8UK at Mustang Fever, Belgium

Saturday 13th April, our European correspondent headed over to Belgium to check out the Mustang Fever meet, aiming to get 1,000 Mustangs at one meet!

So, Mustang Fever at the Mustang Garage was the order for the day.

Arrival at 9am, probably a little early as the team was still hard at work getting set up with preparing goodie bags for each car and setting out trade stalls, however multiple car park attendants were in place and doing a great job. The V8UK Bullitt Mustang was parked up fairly near the Mustang Garage HQ, and very close the food stalls. It must have been one of the first 10 cars to have arrived that morning; some still had frost on so we assume they cheated.

The V8UK car was definitely the first of the British registered contingent - we won’t mention where it had actually travelled from for the weekend!

As the morning went on, the roads started to fill up nicely with mostly immaculately presented Mustangs of all generations. Some, with some questionable additions, but who are we to question them?

Arriving back at the Bullitt, we notice it had gained a sticker:

Mustang Fever 2019 car number 0041, slightly annoyed it wasn’t an even number, but we got past that and turned it into a little game: find car number 0100; the 10% mark for the challenge for the weekend. This finally arrived in the form of a very purposeful sounding, clearly heavily modified GT500 Convertible from Switzerland, and my god, it had one hell of a blower attached it:

Mustangs continued to arrive throughout the day, at approximately 15:00 we noted car number 0304 rolling up.... 304 Mustangs all arriving into a residential area within 6 hours, mounting curbs to ‘park’ and yet not one person sustained a death. Amazing.

The weather kept everyone on their toes, one minute you would be considering sun cream, the next the sun has gone, the wind picks up and you are wishing you were in your winter coat, and then when the snow came, well, we just got back in the car... bizarre weather.

Mustang Fever is a two day event, for which I assume most of the residents living on Schaapsweg and Knaepenstraat road in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium, go away for, some have clearly been kind enough to allow the use of their driveway for show participants, at least we hope that’s the case anyway.

We have signed up for the Ford Mustang 1001 Parade at Ford Lommel proving ground in Belgium on 7th September... watch this space.

But for now, here is a selection of photographs from the day at Mustang Fever*

*We cannot guarantee all of these S550 Mustangs are the V8’s, some Ecoboosts may have snuck in!


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