Invading France!

Every year, we head to the ultimate weekend of racing... the 24 hours of Le Mans. Mad Friday, pictured below (it wasn't us officer, promise!), party time in the evening and its 'go time' at 3pm on Saturday for the ultimate endurance race at the iconic French street circuit.

Every year, a few of us delinquents head over to the quiet French town of Le Mans for the 24 World Endurance Championship race. 2019 is no different with the V8UK Monaro, M3 and Bullitt Mustang headed over for the event. We're getting the cars ready, fitting the new tyres (usually needed as you can see above) and we'll be stocking up on the food and hundreds and hundreds of beers to survive the weekend.

Ever been? If not, check it out from some of our ridiculous photos below. And yes, that's us in the photo... what a load of ****s... We're nice really, even if we don't look it there!

It's quite the event. We tend to arrive on the Thursday to avoid too much of the rush to get to the campsites. The customary stop by Carrefour to pick up our supplies (read: 'beer') and then it's over to whichever campsite we've got booked. This year we're staying away from the track for the first time ever but that's just because of our own stupidity of not booking the camping early enough. Usually we manage to get spaces within the track so we're within walking distance of everything we might want to see and do: beer tents, arcades, shops, ferris-wheel, concerts... you name it, they've got it. And beer. Lots of beer. Did we mention the beer? There's beer.

The aim is of course to try to see as much of the race as possible but in true childish ways we usually manage to see about 1/5th of it, if that. Other entertainment takes over; socialising with other car enthusiasts is usually the main thing. We always make a point to try to make our campsite as inviting as possible, with lots of locals intrigued by the Australian brute that is Bruce; our very on Monaro. That this always gathers a crowd; with people walking around it trying to work out what it is and, of course, we never help them, instead just stand there and snigger.

It's a truly special event and we can't wait to go back again this year. With V8UK making a resurgence this year, we'll make sure to take you along for the ride...

Peace out!



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