Full Power Launch 2019

The first V8UK meet of 2019, at our third event at Topcats Racing. And what a day it was!

8am, Topcats Racing, Westcott Venture Park. Once again we're back and this time it's personal... V8UK took a break for a little while running just a few minor events, but 2019 is primed to be the start of something new and something special. And we started off as we mean to go on - with the 2019 Full Power Launch at Topcats Racing.

What a place this is. Charlotte and Warren welcoming us once again like we're family. These guys run something truly special, shown not just by the cars parked outside, the clean, branded uniforms they all wear - but by the exciting metal parked inside. Not only is their very own race car taking centre stage but parked around the place are some really exciting customer cars: TVRs, Corvettes, Ferrari's, to name but a few. If you haven't already, make sure to check out their website and give them a visit; you'll always feel welcome.

Come 9am, the bacon sandwiches were on, the tea was brewed, the coffee was flowing and the V8UK cars started arriving... knowing we'd ghosted our members for a little while, we weren't expecting a huge turnout, but we weren't disappointed: Holdens, Corvettes, Fords, Chevvy's, BMWs, Astons. You name it, it was there; and isn't that the great thing about V8UK? Who cares what V8 you have, you're so welcome to join us - we want to see it!

Topcats welcomed people in for a free inspection lift and, let's just say that our own Monaro needed it. That vibration at speed? Let's just say a few bolts were missing....

Come lunchtime, the bacon was gone and the burgers were flowin'. The chats continued, people were showing off their own cars, discussing what they'd done to make them 'their own', and loving life. Despite the freezing cold weather!

Next came the 'Hero' award; something we're going to make sure to bring back and make special again in 2019. This year it was won by Mike and Liam Hardman in their blue VXR8.

Photo credit: see watermark.

This thing sounds absolutely gorgeous; as demonstrated when they headed out to fill their tank with some V-Power. Deserved win, hope you guys enjoy that dashcam!

We can't wait to run more events like this, and more and more with Topcats Racing. What top people, a top company filled with people that really know their stuff, and are truly enthusiasts. Please, please do give them a visit, you won't regret it.

To the next one!



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